Dr. Paolo Guglielmetti

“The EU is serious about fighting cancer. And it has a plan to do so! Uniting our efforts under Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, generous funding will be provided through the Horizon Europe and the Health4EU programmes. The goal? To save lives, to gain a better understanding of cancer, to improve and ensure equal access to prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and to support the quality of life of all people exposed to cancer. And cancer screening will be crucial to get early detection and treatment; this is a precondition for saving lives.”

Dr. Paolo Guglielmetti is principal administrator in the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan Taskforce of the European Commission Public Health Directorate. Before joining the Taskforce, he worked on cancer and mental health in the same Directorate, and most recently was team leader in the Heath Threats Unit, dealing with response coordination of serious cross-border threats to health.  Prior to joining the European Commission in 2002, Dr. Guglielmetti was based at the Siena University School of Medicine, dealing with paediatric infectious diseases and tropical diseases, and he served under the Italian Ministry of Health, the Foreign Office, the WHO, and other UN agencies in a number of missions to respond to international crisis and emergencies.