White paper

As part of its contributions to cancer prevention initiatives, particularly in prostate cancer, the European Association of Urology (EAU) has initiated a White Paper on lower risk and mortality rate of Prostate Cancer. In close conjunction with medical experts, representatives from related medical societies and patient advocacy group this White Paper was prepared, covering key topics such as risk factors and prevention, diagnosis, treatment, living with prostate cancer, the role of the EAU and the current activities initiated by the European Union (EU) regarding cancer control.

In its call for all stakeholders to consolidate their efforts and benefit from synergies, the following six recommendations have derived:

  • With more than 417,000 men diagnosed and more than 92,000 men recorded dying from PCa, European institutions and Member States need to ensure that PCa patients receive high quality, standardized, and integrated care with a focus on a patient-centred multidisciplinary approach.
  • The EU and its Member States should also ensure equitable access to novel technological tools that enable better diagnosis, treatment and research. The future is likely to encompass risk adapted treatment programmes that require contemporary imaging and diagnostic tools.
  • Access to innovative treatments and personalized medicines should be made fast and equitable for all PCa patients who can benefit from them. This aligns with Health Ministers EU Council Conclusions as issued by Luxembourg & NL EU Presidencies.
  • Prompt and consistent Health Technology Assessment (HTA) should be performed on all new screening, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation technologies to provide the base for effective and efficient, targeted and optimised allocation of resources in urology and specific prostate cancer services.
  • It is essential to sustain awareness campaigns, both at European and national level and to help achieve the main goals set out in this paper.
  • The EU and its Member States should promote the implementation of survivorship cancer plans, including specific plans for PCa patients, to facilitate the return to a normal life for all European PCa patients.

Download the full White Paper on Prostate Cancer.