Recording of EPAD20

Recording of EPAD20


00:00 Introduction with MEP Tiemo Wölken and moderators Mr. Erik Briers and Mrs. Jarka Bloemberg

Panel 1: Why is early detection of prostate cancer important & what does an effective early detection programme involve?
03:45 Prof. Hein Van Poppel – Setting the Scene
10:00 Introduction MEP Tomislav Sokol
18:30 Prof. Monique Roobol – Results of clinical trials: latest ERSPC data, Rotterdam cohort
27:40 Prof. Jelle Barentsz – Role of MRI
35:25 Moderator update from chat and Q&A
39:30 Mr. André Deschamps – Quality of Life of Prostate Cancer patients
46:30 Ms. Sarah Coghlan – Awareness Raising Movember
56:30 Prof. Hein Van Poppel – A European algorithm for early detection?
1:03:36 Dr. Gregor Thörmer – Industry role in establishing high-quality MRI pathways
1:11:18 Moderator update from chat and Q&A

Panel 2: How can this be supported at EU level?
1:13:18 Dr. Paolo Guglielmetti – Opportunities under the framework of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan
1:19:18 Dr. Christine Chomienne – Complementary approach of the EU Cancer Mission
1:30:18 Summary of debate and concluding remarks by MEP Tiemo Wölken

White paper

Download the White Paper on Prostate Cancer: Recommendations for the EU Cancer Plan to Tackle Prostate Cancer.